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“Ready, Set, Learn the Alphabet” is designed to encourage exploration of the alphabet through the use of letters and pictures.

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1. Teacher will introduce What Begins With…? on the large screen monitor and provide instructions for students. Students can use this activity as a learning center as they interact with the alphabet while learning basic computer skills. NOTE: At the end of the game, there is a smiley face. Clicking on that will bring the students to a website with another alphabet activity, if time allows.

Once all students have completed this activity, move on to the Multimedia Alphabet Book.

2. Teacher will follow the link to open the Multimedia Alphabet Book file from the website. Save the document to your local H drive (home drive) and name it Alphabet Book.

3. Press the F5 key to view the presentation in Slide Show View.

4. Each student will be given the opportunity to complete one page of the book. After discussing which pictures will be eliminated, press Escape (Esc) Key and have students delete pictures which do not belong. (Use the undo key if the wrong picture is deleted)

5. Type in the students’ name.

6. Save the document after each student completes his/her page.

7. After all students have completed one (or more) slides, the file must be saved as a jpg to import into the PhotoStory 3 program. To do this, go to File, Save As and in the box at the bottom of the screen where it asks for the file type, choose JPEG from the choices. You will be asked if you want to save just the current slide, or all slides. Choose All slides.

8. Follow the instructions below to complete the project using the program PhotoStory 3.

9. Once Alphabet Book is completed, contact Linda Brandon via e-mail to post on-line.


PhotoStory 3 Instructions:

  • Make sure you have a microphone plugged into your computer.
  • Open the program PhotoStory 3. This is available ONLY on computers with Windows XP.
  • You will be asked to Import Photos. You will import the jpg slides that you saved above. Each slide of the presentation will now be one slide of the PhotoStory 3 file.
  • Have each student record his/her voice on the correct slide.
  • At the conclusion, email Linda Brandon and she will convert this file to a multimedia alphabet book.